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There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing long-term food storage, let’s make it easy on you! Here are some of our favorites and why!

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Thrive Life 
We have been using Thrive Life for years and love it! Truly. Their stuff is freeze dried and tastes great. Their fruits are pop in your mouth and eat as a snack tasty! Anytime we open a pack, our kids devour it. Our favorite thing about Thrive Life is that you are purchasing individual items instead of complete meals. This gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes to creating meals.

Thrive Life Food Storage

Mountain House, Augason Farms, and Ready Wise are a few of the many companies out there for pre-made and packaged foods. These options are super convenient. If you are going the route of purchasing pre-made meals for your food storage, we recommend that you sample the meals before you purchase weeks or months worth of them. This way you know you love how they taste and will actually enjoy your meals if you find yourself in a situation where you are eating them. 

Ready to Eat Food Storage


One of our favorite methods for long-term food storage is buying items in bulk and then packaging them ourselves. This is a cost effective way to build up a food storage (food storage can be expensive – so saving money is a win in our book!) Plus, you can create a lot of different meals by storing just a few basic ingredients. After you plan your menu and are ready to package your own foods you will need the following:

Buy your items in bulk (for example: 25 lb. of wheat) and package it up! It’s important to store your items properly to prevent contamination, insect infestation, and spoilage. This post will help you properly store bulk items. 

How to package your food storage

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