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Okay, so maybe there are many items a home should have when it comes to preparedness and organization, but an important documents binder is a great one to get you started. The best part is that it’s quick and easy and will cost you little to no money!

Binder Supplies:

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  1. 3 ringed binder
  2. Sheet protectors
  3. Card & photo protectors
  4. Page Dividers
  5. Important Documents Binder printouts.
    These are amazing to organize and beautify your binder. Choose which option applies to your family. Important Document Binder – No Pets or Important Document Binder With Pets

Binder: Your important document binder could have quite a few pages in it depending on the size of your family, so keep that in mind when purchasing your binder. We recommend getting a 2 or 3 inch binder, but you may need a 4 inch!
Page Dividers: If you want to quickly be able to access different sections in your binder, page dividers work great! Simply label the page divider with its corresponding category and you’ll be all set!
Sheet Protectors: You’ll need these to be able to hold your documents in your binder. DO NOT hole punch your documents. These page protectors also serve as an extra step in protecting those important pages. We don’t want them to bend or tear.
Card Protectors: These work great at protecting your social security cards.
Photo Protectors: We recommend adding a family photo and individual photos of each family member to your binder. These photo protectors will keep them safe and all in one spot!
Binder Case: Storing your binder and other important items in a case is great in the event of an emergency or evacuation. Just grab it and go! Lastly, don’t forget our free printouts! These printouts will help you organize your binder and know which documents to add to it.

Important Documents Binder Printouts


  1. Being organized makes life easier. When all your documents are in one place, the next time you get a new job, kids start a new school, etc., you’ll have exactly what you need, when you need it.
  2. An opportunity to verify that you have everything you need. Have any important documents gone missing over the years?
  3. Provides a check in with where you currently stand. Are there items in any of the categories (for example, life insurance) that you/your family don’t currently have but would like to get?
  4. In the event of an evacuation, you’ll be grateful you have this.
  5. Heaven forbid you our your spouse were to pass away (not a pleasant thing to think about), all the information needed as one navigated that heartbreak, would be gathered and ready.
  6. Peace of mind. It feels good to be prepared!

Putting Together Your Important Documents Binder

Once you gather all your supplies, organizing the binder is quite simple. We have everything broken down into categories (don’t forget to get our binder printouts) so your binder will not only look pretty, but will also be extremely well organized. After all, when it comes time to needing these important documents, shouldn’t it be easy to find what you are looking for? No more looking through different drawers or piles of paper. You’ll know exactly where everything is.

Not too bad, right? Time to get it done! You won’t regret it, friends.Once you have your binder put together, find some place safe to keep it. (This is a pretty neat option because you can store other valuable or important things in it as well.) Remember, there is super important personal information in your binder. Keep it safe, but know how to quickly access it in case of an emergency. Make sure your spouse and kids (if old enough) know where it is as well.

Important Documents Binder Tip

Here is a budget friendly tip – if you don’t already have sheet protectors at home, do this project with a friend or family member. You could split the cost, you won’t have a bunch of extra sheet protectors that you may not need or want lying around your house. Plus, you are encouraging those important people in your life to do something that will benefit them. It’s a double win!

Stick around, and let’s continue to simplify preparedness one project at a time.

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