The Secret to Building a Complete Food Storage

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It’s important when building up a complete food storage to do it in a balanced and well-rounded way. We often focus on one area for short burst and forget to look at the big picture. This often results in incomplete preparation. You have enough flour, but not enough salt. You have 15 days of dinners, but only 3 breakfasts. This post is going to take you through our sustainable and systematic approach, that when applied consistently over time will result in a complete food storage that is perfectly tailored to your family’s needs.

Here’s How it Works:

Each month you will have a main category (example: short-term storage) and a weekly mini category (example: breakfast items) to focus on. One month you will focus on adding to your short-term, the next month will be long-term, and the following month will be supplies. Repeatedly cycling through this system over time will help you build a well-rounded supply.

Building Your Food Storage Month 1:

Monthly Focus: Short-term
Mini Categories: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks/ Treats & Water

During the first week of the month, you are going to apply The Rule of 3 to purchase three breakfast items from your list of breakfast ingredients. Example: pancake mix, syrup, cereal, oatmeal, etc.

During the second week of the month you will focus on buying three of your lunch ingredients. Example: mustard, tuna, macaroni and cheese, mayo, chips, etc.

During the third week of the month you will focus on buying three items for your dinners. Example: gravy, hamburger, pasta, sauce, etc.

Week four you will purchase snacks/treats, and work on building your water supply.

Building Your Food Storage Month 2: (Option 1)

Monthly Focus: Long-term
Mini Categories: Baking Items, Beverages, Fruits, Veggies, Grains, Proteins, & Sweeteners

Each week of the month you will take a different mini category to focus on. Since there are more than 4 mini categories, the next time you cycle through long-term food storage you will pick up where you left off.

Building Your Food Storage
Bulk Long-term Food Storage

Building Your Food Storage Month 2: (Option 2)

Monthly Focus: Long-term
Mini Categories: Pre-Made Meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks/Treats & Water)

If you prefer having pre-made meals like those from Mountain House or Ready Wise, this is the option you will be following. Each week rotate through the breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks/treats & water mini categories like the ones in Month 1, and purchase pre-made meals.

Pre-Made Food Storage Meals
Pre-Made Food Storage Meals

Whether following Option 1 or Option 2 on for your long-term food storage, continue using The Rule of 3 whenever possible. Some of these items can be more expensive, so it’s okay to buy one or two items the entire month. It is your consistent effort, no matter how small it may seem, that will lead to great success.

Build Your Food Storage Month 3:

Monthly Focus: Supplies
Mini Categories: Cleaning Supplies, First Aid, Medicine, Paper Products, Hygiene, Water, Alternative Cooking, Baby, and Pet Items

Covering a different one of these categories each week or each month will build up a comprehensive stockpile of the extra supplies you would like to have on hand.

As with the other categories, The Rule of 3 is a wonderful system to use when purchasing your everyday supplies: cleaner, soap, toilet paper, deodorant, tubes of toothpaste, toothbrushes, water storage accessories, etc.

Food Storage Supplies


Once you finish month 3, repeat the cycle. Go back to month 1 and work on your short-term storage, then your long-term, then your supplies. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. It’s okay if your food storage isn’t either. The goal here is building a well-rounded food storage. Stick with it, and you will be amazed by your progress over time.

Here is a yearly breakdown using option 1 for the long-term food storage months.

Food Storage System

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